Why choose Bespoke?

Have you been searching for your dream dress and still not found the one?

Many brides may have a vision or a dream in their head from childhood what their special day wedding dress would look like. It can be difficult to let go of that dream and make compromises on what will probably be the most expensive dress they may ever buy.

So this is where a bespoke wedding dress can be the answer to all your prayers.

You will be in control and be an integral part of the creative process having the freedom to choose fabric, colour and design to suit your personality and theme of your wedding.

A bespoke wedding dress will be created to exactly your requirements. This could be a bodice you like from one dress, the skirt from another, a particular neckline or specific embellishment etc.

You will have a dress that fits you perfectly. Most of us are not a standard size. Fittings happen regularly throughout the process of a bespoke dress rather than one major alteration at the end.

The bespoke wedding dress will truly be unique to you! It will be a stunning “one of a kind” gown that will reflect your personality and style.

For many brides the experience of having their dress made for them is a very special part of the wedding plans.

Prices start from £1200

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